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Be in direct connection with Lisa Joy’s, Art Progressive Trance music singles and EP releases, Tribal Tribal Fusion beat sequencing singles, rhythmic Vibrations and Vocal Realm- Her Danse Orientale Spiritual-Trance, and engaging, reflective writings long the contemplative Self exploring our inner development in relation to the Life unfolding. 



Exotic mysticism is an oasis of Love, a strangely beautiful, vibratory, resonant realm reflecting the spirit, connecting like minds as Life’s essence and the exploration of essence itself as presented by Ms. Lisa Joy. It is a field of music, dance, contemplative reflection and poetry, a realm of a Life’s continual transition desiring  a fulfilled experience of one-ness of connection, the very centering of existence. A realm where time transcends, restless thoughts vanish into the linear and the quintessential essence remains.