Meditation, the silent flow of
In the form of concentration.
A focal point and exercise in quieting the mind-
Wherein the field of Divine energy
Is awakened into consciousness.
From this field of awakened consciousness
The realm of infinite possibility becomes attainable
By infinite awareness.
This inherent Divine energy, a part in our birthright.
Its passage-way are by
The enveloping stream of the breath.
The breath- The keys to any and
All aspects in life,
As life’s very sustenance
Flow and source.
Through the breath
And the development of the breath,
All things come into consciousness
And bring forth their change.
Assessing through the inhalation,
The meditative realm breeches
From it’s point of contracted concentration-
The breath exhales
The deepening period of silence
Begins it’s expanse and comes into flow.
In this place wherein the Divine field,
Divine knowledge awakening Divine energy
The state of expansion ignites
The realm of ecstasy.

-L Joy
© copyright 2011, all rights reserved.