VIBRATION. We each vibrate and create a Vibration within ourselves stimulate our lives to reflect at it’s vibratory level. Be we venture further into Vibrations, let’s fist explore reflection.

REFLECTION is essentially contemplation. Contemplation can arrive from a place of concentration. An ability to look within the interior self, concentratively, following where the soul emerges into Light, reconnecting the fracture of separation into whole. This can best arrive from periods of stillness, inner silence, beneath thoughts. It is here we reconnect with our spirit. A devotion that calls us to purify the heart, to find strength within and look upon the world with beauty. There are degrees of reflective-devotion, pure heart, pure mind, pure body- Yet for now, our intention is attainment; of concentrative focus and the creating of magnetizing energies. Shifts in dynamics, attunement opening awareness. Brevity and to swiftly seize the outcome of the moment. To open the moment into expansiveness. To understand these, with the capacity of utilization and application into our hearts, our mind, body, psyche, our health and our love.

Here, the focus is on the vibration quality of our existence! The outer world, a reflection of our inner reality and balance. The connecting of the breath centering the energies of  mind, body, spirit, into the moment- Into a stream of concentration, a connectedness of our inner longing, delivering our lives into the flow of miracles! The ease of our love and fulfillment are already gathered within ourselves. We tune inward to reconnect with this loving existence creating expansiveness.


For Meditative Drum
Intended to clarify mind and body. Centering. For Mindful meditation, dance, or to aid sleep in a deep state of concentration.


HAH Breath Chants: A purification chant. Quickly centers the mind. Brings the moment to present Oneness.
(Andante` Moderato Tempo) Release Date: February 6th, 2017. 

HAH 7 minutes                     HAH 21 minutes.
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HAYY (pronounced HI) Breath Chants: “Alive, Eternal, Forever,” in the Sufi traditions. Bring you to the moment. Gives Vitality and Strength.
(Moderato Allegro Tempo)  Release Date: February 9th, 2017. 

HAYY 7 minutes                     HAYY 21 minutes.
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To attain the attribute of the chant- Adhering to it’s quality aligning the mind/body/psyche/center-meridians, to a vibrational consistency elevating the spirit, cleansing negative vibration; thoughts, anxiety, stress, disorder- Opening the internal process unto awareness, positive being and outlook. Contentment.

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*Red Rock Canyon, Southern California. photo works from Lisa. 

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