Total works are an inspired dream. A belief in the creation and preservation of beauty. To be connected to beauty. To be coupled with beauty- To resonate the essence of beauty, within her nature and beauty’s pure Love.

Recording and Performance Artist- Dancer, Vocalist-Musician. Fiber Artisan- Body Resonance, Owner-Creator.

Ms. Lisa Joy’s main instrumentation currently include varying frame drums- Def drum, Bendir, and Doyehreh. Synthesizer-Keyboard and Vocal fill her exploration. Lisa’s dance style stems from a lifetime of earnestness, including a near 20 year experience with the Sufi elated states of whirling, veils and trance. She currently delves the field of music with arrangement creating, “Art Progressive Trance”-Her own genre perspective melding an edge of fusion through live drumming and instrumentation combining synthesized production evoking orchestral passages delivered through pulsing to driving rhythms- Supporting ethereal vocal ranges and poetic lyricism. Lisa also regularly facilitates workshops, “The Sufi Ecstatic Realm,” embodying spiritual practice infused through dance movement, fluid stretch and connective breath meditation- Set to music’s of culture and tradition. This combined vision remain a life-long unfolding pursuant lifestyle, articulating creative freedoms through spiritual refinement, defining the totality of our existing being, Love.




Lisa Joy’s dance and music background begins her stage presence from the age of 3. From 1999 till present, develops Lisa’s current dance style infusing Middle Eastern studies influenced from Sufi Master, Adnan Sarhan, and his introduction of accomplished belly dancers from Spain, London, all of Europe and United States in their varying cabaret and studied styles. Lisa has conducted workshops, produced shows and performed in major cities nationwide including, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Aspen CO, and New York. Living her recent years reclusively, she now actively pursues resuming the public realm as a dance artist integrating her live drum work, receiving Santa Fe, New Mexico, it’s tourism and patrons as a professional home. A California native, Lisa now happily resides her artist based studio home in the Manzano Mountains of New Mexico.



Body Resonance, Bamboo and Fine-Fiber Textile Wearable’s, an unexpected creation! Now discontinued, explore fiber works hand woven, revealing the color of Lisa’s world through her cataloged photo galleries here <BODY RESONANCE>. Weaving 100% bamboo fibers, Lisa Joy’s, Body Resonance established a strong presence in Santa Fe, New Mexico- Gracious thanks to all persons whom shared and exchanged in displaying at weekly prestigious and world famous markets in glorious sunny Santa Fe, NM.