Vibrations. Expression Exploration

Vibrations. Expression Exploration. Inherent Alive. Def Drum

VIBRATIONS. EXPRESSION EXPLORATION AND NEW DRUM RELEASE The desire to greatly express, as well, great expression, exists as a spoken awakening within ourselves- As inherent and alive. My own personal journey seeks to fully uncover such an expression desiring it’s connection, it’s excellence in nature, it’s splendid ways of the inspired, how the inspired crafts masterfully in the creation – When it’s excellence is connected to that “source.” This Def Drum steps forward, towards such a reach. Of finding an articulation, a vehicle driving intently, bringing forth into some of kind of existence, expression’s birth- My own new reality emerging.   A VIBRATIONS NEW RELEASE. INHERENT ALIVE. DEF DRUM An inner solace journey to the connective source. A grasp, a reach to pull within, the …

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Artist Returning

  Having taken a personal sabbatical from December 23rd, 2016 till June 30th, 2017 including the 2017 Sufi Summer Intensive of Devotion, Reflection and Contemplation here in New Mexico from July 1 through to September ending… I can only hope to present myself to you now, having been touched by a profound expansion of Self-Love expressing an inner silence that engages a sacred communication with the space, the time, the nature, and the understanding. My Love to you All. Lisa Upcoming.. From, A Love Embellished “The Love unfolds from this place The Love it folds into this place Of it’s skies Mirrored by your Heart..” L Joy photography and written works. © 2017 all rights reserved. “Dance Dream Believe!” INSPIRED? DONATE. TODAY. Upcoming.. VIBRATIONS, Inherent Alive Contemplative …

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