Salt flats of Willard, NM. June 2017

In Only You

IN ONLY YOU Under cloud, sun and sky I remember you. I am elated I stand in another world There is only essence Stillness seeping ecstasy Silent expanse of awe The knowing settles within Time non-existent in only remembrance. The solitude of all Of no sound is only element, of no meaning The quintessence Of only you. It is only you. Location scouting the other day…    L Joy 10.15.2017 8:50p © copyright 2017 all rights reserved.

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Poetry. A Love Embellished

NEW POETRY FROM LISA JOY A LOVE EMBELLISHED ©2017 My Love it seeks to visit you in these places The places of A Love Embellished. Of the sun’s warmth on our daydream Serenity awaken tender glow Sweetest touches hypnotic breeze, stirring The sounds of somber air Emergence in advent, your bliss. The Loving caress your shoulders, What gentle space celebrates your arrival Sun lasting Moving skies between your thoughts Their colors paint as imagination reflects Emblazoning their swelling wonder of appearing, shifting, moving- Vision refine manifest We come to this place in finding one another We survive the Life to enter the field in blossom The Loving unfolds from this place The Loving it folds into this place Of it’s mirroring expanse Echoing earnest within …

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