Personified Heart

  “From a mystical point of view personality is formed around the Heart. People look for wonder-working and surprises, for phenomena of all kinds. The greatest phenomenon, the greatest surprise, and the greatest wonder are to be found in one’s Heart.” Hazrat Inayat Khan  INSPIRED? DONATE. TODAY.

The Art of Letting Go

INTRODUCTION: SURRENDERING LIMITATIONS Things are never as they appear. Seldom of what we know. What we perceive to know is the mere circumference of our own life’s experiences, our emotion’s filters and psyche’s shaping of responses which are never what another person’s life experiences, emotion, health-physicality, spirituality, psyche-conditioning and outlook are. Therefore, this viewpoint, our… Read More The Art of Letting Go

Rumi In Imagery

“They try to say what you are, spiritual or sexual? They wonder about Solomon and all his wives. In the body of the world, they say, there is a soul and you are that. But we have ways within each other that will never be said by anyone.” ―Jelaluddin Rumi Contemplate more RUMI IN IMAGERY