The End of Emotion

Manzano Mountians, NM © 2017 all rights reserved. photo by- L Joy

Summer enters the edge of the horizon now. An intensive focus of inner growth and expansive heart have been my own everyday from July 1 till these very moments of now. All is silent content here in the mountain. We’ve been chanting, fluid movement, dancing and devotion x’s 2 sessions per day, 6 days per week. So much wondrous is what I have come to find, already existing within contemplating solitude, within jovial laughter and friendships, within discovery- That the moment infinitely contains discovery: Vast source Love. Within every element of existence, the seeds of awakening already available, ready for manifest actualization, opening expansively to each and every one of us, at the turn of every living moment.  

All Grace, Love, Light, Laughter, Lisa



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