Artist Returning

Manzano Mountians, NM © 2017 all rights reserved. photo by: L Joy


Having taken a personal sabbatical from December 23rd, 2016 till June 30th, 2017 including the 2017 Sufi Summer Intensive of Devotion, Reflection and Contemplation here in New Mexico from July 1 through to September ending… I can only hope to present myself to you now, having been touched by a profound expansion of Self-Love expressing an inner silence that engages a sacred communication with the space, the time, the nature, and the understanding.

My Love to you All. Lisa


From, A Love Embellished

“The Love unfolds from this place
The Love it folds into this place
Of it’s skies
Mirrored by your Heart..”

L Joy
photography and written works.
© 2017 all rights reserved.
“Dance Dream Believe!”



VIBRATIONS, Inherent Alive
Contemplative Drum
Lisa Plays Articulative and Meditative Def Drum Solo.
Release: September 2017

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