The Art of Letting Go



Things are never as they appear. Seldom of what we know. What we perceive to know is the mere circumference of our own life’s experiences, our emotion’s filters and psyche’s shaping of responses which are never what another person’s life experiences, emotion, health-physicality, spirituality, psyche-conditioning and outlook are. Therefore, this viewpoint, our only point of view from within our own experiences, are often presented by the guise of limitation when perceiving events involving others, ourselves in relation to the happenings surrounding us, generally, including others, and most certainly, the experiences we meet with shaping our current-day reality. To interpret any experience outside of the experience of Love, is a limitation. To know what something is before experiencing it, is a limitation. To avoid, out of fear or reaction, is a limitation. To react, is possessed with nothing other than limitation. These scenarios, our mind deciding safeguards and interpretation become our life’s projection. We project what we know of ourselves. We project what we know of ourselves to be the experience or outcome of whom the other is. We project what the other person is and what events are, as what we know of ourselves. These perceived conclusions within Life, become our experience. To project anything other than pure source Love, is a limitation. To project anything other than pure source Love becomes our Life’s response, the reality we awaken into, each moment that we define our existence.

Our Life’s experiences arise, potentially, to take us beyond what our preconceived notions of “what is” and “what isn’t.”  The deciphering, determining, interpreting and labeling of leaving ourselves contained, bound into the outcome of such finale are indeed, in another reality, what we would seek to be free of.  In an awakened, keen awareness provided as either foresight, presence or in retrospect, the events ascending into our lives facilitate a kind of blossom of new Life potential, even presenting us with our greatest changing direction allowing what “once was” to be the foregone conclusion of past limitation. If we are open and brave enough to embrace the venturing moment into a new charge of “what could,” “what can,” and “what if?….” then possibility becomes the future of limitless, unending, expecting and eventual. A series of  limitless ultimate’s! What is most imagined in our hearts are the whispering seeds of fruition sewn into the rising horizon of happiness, prosperity, peace, joy, and Love.

The Art of Letting Go offers the surrendering of the determining mind that must always decipher what any thing or situation might be- Our judgment of someone or what their behavior might appear to be in any moment, the interpretation of an event, the labeling of a state of occurrences that has come into view. The Art of Letting Go stirs an understanding of what persons and situations are in their essence, as the potential transcending from our own limited minds into the field of awakening and limitless. Life is a continual flux. The emotion bodies and psyche of persons, events, occurrence, circumstance and situation are alive in every actuality. How we create this actual with a perception of an expectation of Love surpassing pain, can now be presented with limitless scenario and outcome- Once we are truly capable of stepping out of the biased,  and into the unbiased. The field beyond the projection of what we already know into what we don’t yet know is available at every turn in life, holding within itself, opportunity, new experience, and expansion. To remain completely open to the unfoldment, an opening is able to open further, widening. Such space created is where Love breathes, embellishing into the expansion of Love. What was once known becomes unknown. What is unknown is an experience greater than ourselves bringing us to something much higher. What is unknown is healing, empowering and developing. It is trusted, guided by faith. How great the unknown!

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L Joy
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